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Get to know Demian Quincke

Demian Quincke develops unique handmade decorative objets d’art from precious stones that are carefully selected and perfectly fitted together, creating amazing forms of brilliance and beauty. The final appearance is like a bouquet of beautifully illuminated flowers, rendered in natural quartz, unfolding their petals.

Demian’s artistry is a product of hard work, natural ability, and the unique artistic and cultural environment in which he was raised. Born in France to Uruguayan parents, Demian was exposed early to art by his artist mother and his father, who was a merchant in high decor and antique objects.

When Demian was two years old, he relocated with his family to Uruguay, which began the process of broadening his world-view and developing his multi-cultural identity. After stops in California and Germany, he eventually arrived in Brazil at the age of fourteen, with an appreciation for the wide expanse of the World and his place in it.

From the outset of his career, Demain worked to developed his unique style of artistic expression, all the while learning from other artists through observation. In 2010, upon returning from a study tour and research in New York City, he began to create, develop and produce his own pieces.

In love with the natural beauty of semi-precious Brazilian stones, Demian uses them as the predominant material of his work. With them, he creates objets d’art that remind the viewer of the Earth’s natural beauty, even through the material has been transformed by his artistry. Internal or external lights enhance the brightness and beauty of the stones, and highlight their artistic metamorphosis.

With the eye of an artist and the deft touch of an artisan, Demian brings his visions to life. For special occasions, he collaborates with collectors and patrons of his art to help them realize their own visions.

Demian uses a mix of traditional and modern processes for creating his pieces. This approach allows him maximum flexibility as an artist and renders each piece to be unique. For example, many times irregular dots appear on the metal base, due to casting natural bubble effects on the foundry.

Demian’s use of natural material also makes each piece one-of-a-kind. Precious stones of rock crystal have naturally different tones in their color, and may have natural organic inclusions. Additionally, each stone fractures uniquely according to its lines of crystallization. Demian’s skill is to blend art with artisanal, creating pieces that reflect Mother Nature and bring an air of old-world authenticity to our age of modern sameness.

All of Demian’s artistic pieces use semi precious stones that originate in Brazil. The acquisition of the stones is done only with entities licensed by DNPM (National Department of Mineral Production) of Brazil to ensure their authenticity and that his suppliers conformity to best practices for fair trade and the protection of the environment. Demian’s pieces utilize many of the following precious stones:

  • Amethysts that originate from geode formation (like cocoons) underneath the earth.
  • Clear (or White) Rock Crystal that is found in natural point formations or in rare shapes.
  • Rare Colored Natural Rock Crystal, that appear in colors that may include orange-red, rose, dark green, light brown “smoke” or golden amber.
  • Rare Agate, Druzy and single big points, which add to a piece’s uniqueness and sense of rarity.
  • Bi-terminated stones, those with two natural end-points, are the ones with the most power. Their use, in a holistic way, can amplify a piece’s spirituality, as well as its beauty.

Art that reflects the Spirit of Mother Nature

  • • White Rock crystal can be used to “clean” spaces and the energies around.
  • • Purple Amethyst can be used to repeal bad energies.
  • • Amber enables self-healing and attract opposites.
  • • Red and rose inspire creativity and love.