Natural stones

The real treasures we’ve selected from nature.

Natural XL Rock Cristal points

34 cm tall and 11 cm wide (each) 5,8Kg + 5,5kg

Amethyst variaty

This is the rock of honesty and repels bad energy en the room. We have amethyst in different sizes tell us how many rocks or kilos do you need. Quality A or B (A is darker purple than B) and the size of the rock.   

Smoke druse

Natural Smoked Druse fragment formation 16x25cm 7cm tall. 

Bi-terminated Smoke rock

Very rare Bi-terminated Smoke Rock Crystal cluster. 47x30cm, 5cm hig. 5,8kg

Huge Milky natural point.

Very rare huge milky natural point. Good for landscaping projects. I can find the size you look for. 

Natural white druse

Natural formation druse of Rock Crystal. 30 cm diameter 18cm tall. 11kg

Bi terminated Rock Crystal

3,2 kg 30 cm long, 12 cm thik Unique natural rock Crystal.

Amethyst Flower

100% art made by mother nature. It´s thin and fragile but very old and rare. Also known as a natural druse of Amethyst with calsit.